The British and Irish Group for the Study of Personality Disorder

BIGSPD was formed in 1999 as a forum for networking in the field of personality disorder. This began as a small annual conference, predominantly for clinicians but has evolved significantly over the past 25 years. BIGSPD is an organisation which values lived experience equally to those who are traditionally trained. This is reflected in our co-presidency, executive committee, organisational values and in our conference content.

Creating a ”learning team and/or service” is one of the most difficult challenges we face”.
Practitioners, service users, carers, managers, commissioners & others with an interest are invited to explore this question with us.


Out Of Area Report

Out Of Area Report

Read our freely available report on the placement of people with personality disorder

Mental Health Journal

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Every year, we organise a fast paced, workshop, conversation and presentation filled event for a community of interested professionals.

BIGSPD 2024 comes to Belfast next June.