2019 Speaker Presentations

Day 1, Tuesday 2nd April 2019

Dr Faisil Sethi The Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit and Personality Disorder in Crisis.

Parallel 3 – Marsha McAdam Greater Manchester Devolution, SU involvement in a PD pathway development.

Day 2, Wednesday 3rd April 2019

Prof. Tim Kendall Improving care for people with a diagnosis of ‘personality disorder’ in the context of the NHS Long Term Plan.

Prof. Edmund Sonuga-Barke The enduring effects of severe early institutional deprivation on young adult functioning.

Parallel 4 – Keir Harding Voicing The Unsayable: The Unspeakable Truths of ‘Personality Disorder’ Services.

Parallel 5 – Polett Bali Ethnography in a prison based personality disorder treatment unit: personal reflections.

Parallel 5Abdullah Mia– Developing a positive masculine service in toxic contexts for young adult men.

Parallel 6 –Gary Lamph & Paula Slevin Whole System Response, the role of primary care and multi-agency wider system approaches to personality disorder in Tier 1 services.

Parallel 6 – Steve Pearce Stepped Care in Tier 2 and Tier 3 personality disorder services.

Parallel 6 – Kim Barlow & Rex Haigh Tier 4 Service Provision and its interface within PD pathways of care.

Parallel 9 – Nikki Collins Polygraph with mentally disordered offenders.

Parellel 9 – Dan Warrender Perspectives of crisis intervention for people with a diagnosis of ‘borderline personality disorder’; an integrative review.

Parallel 10 – Aisling O’Meara Integrated research within an OPDP context – learning from Wales.

Day 3, Thursday 4th April 2019

Parallel 13 – Lynn Shaw Dancing along the border line.