In these challenging times we are aware that rescheduling and missing this year’s conference that it may seem that all things BIGSPD have come to a standstill.  This however is not the case,  the BIGSPD team are working busily behind the scenes to support our members. We have this dedicated page to the COVID crisis,  which we hope you have found useful and informative.  We are currently developing ideas around the use of use digital platforms to connect, support the work of our delegates and members.  Additionally we are in discussions to develop a platform for informing of current research and innovations relating to this field of practice.  Executive members have been working behind the scenes on developing a BIGSPD position statement (which we plan to develop and ratify through our forthcoming AGM) and we are currently exploring opportunities for BIGSPD hosted webinars (watch this space). 

Now that the initial crisis of COVID has abated somewhat we are working to hold our next executive meeting planned in June and an AGM proposed for July, which all our current membership will be invited to attend.   We appreciate the challenges all our members and delegates are facing and thank all those working as key workers on the frontline for all your hard work. We hope that we are able to connect with you via an increase and development of our digital reach in coming months. In the meantime if there are thoughts, comments or ideas which we might take forward please feel free to get in touch.

COVID Information and Sign Posting

This page has been put together in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Within this we provide a BIGSPD approved info-gram that includes some practical tips during this crisis.

Additionally, we are aware of the high volume of literature surrounding COVID-19 and how overwhelming this can be.  We have therefore via the BIGSPD executive team developed this page to guide you and signpost you to a range of credible and useful resources, we hope will be useful and will save you time.

We have broken links down into various sub sections, 1) Key guidance for all 2) Professional Organisation Advice and Guidance 3) Mental Health Advice / Practical Support for Patients, Carers and Clinicians (Includes online forums and other supportive links).

We acknowledge that we are unable to provide a generic “do this to look after yourself” collection.  As our members, delegates and visitors to this site work across a wide range of services,  are from both occupational and lived experience perspectives and multi-disciplinary,  hence we link with a wide and diverse range of people. 

We have however put together a top tips info gram which we hope is helpful to you alongside the signposting pages within this section of our website.

BIGSPD top tips Info-gram

We would like to thank our BIGSPD Executive Members – Keir Harding, Tamar Jeynes, Rex Haigh and Gary Lamph for their input with pulling this together and for sharing their expertise. Also we would like to thank Lucy Gameson who helped put the self help/online resources together.