Jennie Parker


Jennie (she/her) is a Lived Experience Researcher and Practitioner with a special interest in autism and the diagnosis of ‘personality disorder’. She has been working in mental health settings since 2014, starting with Emergence Plus CIC as a researcher and as a trainer in the Knowledge and Understanding Framework (KUF). 

She is also a Lived Experience Lead for Berkshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, based in their Psychologically Informed Consultation and Training (PICT) team.  Within the team, Jennie designs and delivers co-produced training and consultation, provides Lived Experience Supervision and Line Management, and oversees recruitment and strategy relating to the Lived Experience workforce. 

Her research spans a range of projects.  Most recently, this is as co-lead on a project at City, University of London, aimed at improving recognition and differentiation of autism in women/transwomen/AFAB people who may otherwise be given a diagnosis of ‘personality disorder’ (the McPin Foundation/Words That Carry On).

Past projects include co-investigator and researcher on evaluating adaptations of the video feedback intervention for positive parenting (VIPP), for parents with difficulties in managing emotions and relationships, consistent with ‘personality disorder’ (NIHR funded RCT).  She was also the qualitative researcher for Structured Psychological Support (SPS), which was successful in being rolled out as a pilot across several Trusts in 2023.

In addition, Jennie works as a freelance trainer and consultant to services working with people who may meet criteria for the diagnosis of ‘personality disorder’ and is part of the Lived Experience team at the NIHR Mental Health Policy Research Unit.  She has co-authored many academic papers and presented at a variety of local and national conferences. To view academic papers please click here.