Dr Carine Lewis

Academic subgroup

Carine Lewis is head of the OPD Pathway data and evaluation team – a programme that runs across criminal justice and health, providing services for those who are likely to meet the criteria of ‘personality disorder’. Her role involves ensuring that the Pathway adopts the latest evidence base, while also being responsible for the overall evaluation of the OPD Pathway, including the quality of services through to ‘what works’.

With a PhD in cognitive and health psychology, Carine started her career in academia, lecturing in Psychology and teaching research methods up to postgraduate level. Before joining the OPD Pathway team 8 years ago, she spent some time working into health charities, analysing large primary care datasets.

Carine is passionate about producing and disseminating robust evidence within very real-world contexts, that has real-world impact. She aims to use evidence to build on the ‘what works’ literature, as well as dispel the myths and stigmas that exist around mental health practice and ‘personality disorder’.

As well as an Executive Committee member for BIGSPD, Carine is currently an editor for the Journal of Forensic Psychology.